ProClip® Money Clips
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Since 1984 the Orginal ProClip® Money Clip has been the money clip of choice for the golf industry.  No other money clip has been used by more events, worldwide, than the Original ProClip® Money Clip.

This is the same money clip the Bell family has offered for years beginning with W. L. Sutton, PG&A and now through Bowler & Blake Limited.
Over 25 Stock Shapes - Custom Shapes at No Extra Cost  The ProClip® Money Clip features the double spring tail clip attachment 
ProClip Money Clip ProClip Money Clip ProClip Money Clip   ProClip Money Clip  
TIP - When using tournament credentials, you can create various levels of access / recognition by changing the finish and color-fills.

For example, gold credentials have VIP access, Silver has another type of access, and Brass has standard access.
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